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Unfortunately the work with SAR-dogs does not belong to those disciplines where sponsors show up voluntarily to spend their money.

To realize the online – project ‘SAR world championship 04 in the internet’ we need sponsors, who are willing to support the 10th world championship.

We offer several possibilities for advertisements in exchange. We are also open for your ideas.

Examples and costs for your advertisement respectively activities at the event

Type Timeframe Costs
Banner advertisement at www.rhwm.de
size 150 x 65 pixel
today until 30th July 149,- €
Billboard in the stadium of Wittstock 28th June – 04th July 100,- € / m
Advertisement in the event catalogue
whole page (190 h x 120 w mm) from June 100,- €
half page (95 h x 140 w mm) from June 60,- €
quarter page (40 h x 60 w mm) from June 35,- €
eighth page (40 h x 30 w mm) from June 20,- €
Kiosk in the stadium of Wittstock 28th June – 04th July 80,- € / day
380,- € /
6 days
Your promotion-team at the event 28th June – 04th July 50,- € / day
240,- € /
6 days

For the advertisement in the banner as well as in the catalogue you have to provide the printable layout in electronic form. Billboards have to be delivered by the sponsor himself to the stadium.

The prices are shown without tax.

If you have any questions about sponsoring please contact

Helmut Haller
eMail: sponsor@rhwm.de

... Your request is very appreciated!

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